Panopto for Students

Panopto is a video hosting and creation platform available to Gordon State faculty & students in order to create instructional videos or projects. This program is integrated within Brightspace by D2L.

How do students watch & interact with the Panopto video, take a quiz, and use the bookmarks/slides to skip around in the video?

This video will review how a student would watch and interact within a Panopto video in D2L.

How would students create their own Panopto video for an assignment, discussion, or project?

If the student is going to make a standard video to be viewed by just the instructor or classmates within the class (without a quiz embedded), this video should provide guidance.

If the student is working on a special project in which he/she is going to create a video to be viewed by those outside of the class/college and/or need to embed a quiz within the video, this video should provide guidance.