ProctorU Record for Faculty

ProctorU Record for Faculty

Gordon State College has partnered with ProctorU, which is a program that helps protect the academic integrity of programs and exams. With ProctorU Record+, the students are able to complete their exam from their own computer at a distance. The session is recorded and reviewed by ProctorU monitors. Only incidents are reported to the instructor.


What is the difference between ProctorU Live and ProctorU Record?

With ProctorU Live, students join with a proctor who monitors the exam experience live with the student. The proctor is able to talk with the student and assist with technology needs. With ProctorU Record, the testing experience is recorded and then reviewed by a ProctorU monitor. A proctor is not live during the ProctorU Record experience.


How much does it cost for a student to test with ProctorU Record?

The ProctorU Record+ service costs $6 per exam. This is a flat rate despite the length or timing of the exam.


What do students need to test with ProctorU Record?

  • Computer (No Tablets or Smartphones)
  • Webcam (can be integrated into the laptop or an external USB plugged into the computer)
  • Speakers
  • Microphone (internal microphone or a headset/microphone)
  • Google Chrome (Download here) or Mozilla Firefox (Download Here)
  • High Speed Internet Connection (No Hotspots)
  • 1 Photo ID (Driver’s License or School ID


What is the ProctorU Record Process?

  • The instructor will download the ProctorU Extension for Chrome or Firefox Browser. The instructor will log into the extension using their ProctorU account. If the instructor does not have a ProctorU account, then he/she will need to create one.
  • The instructor will create the quiz in Brightspace by D2L as normal. There is the option to turn on the ProctorU Record settings (this will only appear if the instructor is logged into his/her ProctorU account within the browser extension). The instructor can select the specific ProctorU settings requested for the quiz.
  • Special Note: The instructor should NOT input his/her own password into the quiz. ProctorU will generate a password that will be auto-populated when the student is logged into his/her browser extension. The instructor does not need to create or give a quiz password to the students.
  • Once the student has completed the quiz, ProctorU monitors will review the recording. If there are concerns, the instructor will be notified via a Gordon State email.

This video will review the steps of how to create a quiz in Brightspace by D2L using ProctorU Record settings.


What will the student experience during the ProctorU Record Process?

The following are the steps the student will take to complete the D2L quiz using ProctorU Record+

  • The student will log into the D2L course using Firefox or Chrome Browser.
  • The student will go to the quizzes are in D2L. The student will be asked to download the ProctorU extension. The student will need to create a ProctorU account and log into the extension.
  • The student will be asked to show their ID and review the rules of the quiz. The student will then complete the quiz as normal. A recording will be made of the screen and webcam. After the ProctorU monitors review the recording, instructors will be notified via email of any incidents.

You can view a video of what the quiz experience using ProctorU Record+ will look like here.