First Session Summer Grades Available

First Session Summer Grades have been posted to your Banner Web Account. Final GPAs and Academic Standing will not be calculated until the conclusion of the full summer semester. 


D2L Content & Gradebook

Content & Gradebook Questions:


How do I load content in my course? How do I know what my students have viewed? How can I post annoucements for my students?

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How do I copy content from one course to another? What else to I need to do if I am copying a course content from one semester to the next?

Instructors will first need to copy all content over from one shell to the next. They will then need to reset the due dates for all assignments (the old ones will have copied over). They will also need to reset or delete old announcements (which will have copied over as well).

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How do I report attendance verification for activities within Brightspace by D2L?

You may want to consider viewing the last time the student logged into the course or the day/time the student completed an activity in the course.

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How do I set up the Brightspace by D2L gradebook?

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