Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Resources for Faculty

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a web-conferencing tool that can be used by faculty, staff, and students from within Brightspace by D2L or standalone (outside of D2L). This webinar tool allows groups to meet together at a specific time but from various locations.

What are Options for Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra?

  • Course Orientations
  • Weekly meetings with students in hybrid courses
  • Optional meetings with students in traditional courses
  • Common meeting room for student study (not monitored by instructor)
  • Small group rooms for students to meet synchronously to discuss projects
  • Tutoring sessions provided by instructor, staff members, and/or other students
  • Advising sessions/Office meetings with students or other colleagues
  • Recording of video demonstration (using the whiteboard) to be reviewed by students asynchronously

What Type of Interactivity is Possible with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra?

  • Instructors can use the whiteboard and pen features to work/solve problems (teacher-student or student-student)
  • Students/Instructors can use shapes to create diagrams to convey messages or complex processes.
  • Create (either in Blackboard Ultra or PowerPoint) polling (yes/no) or multiple choice questions.
  • Create breakout rooms to randomly or strategically partner students. Each group will have their own whiteboard and chat area.
  • Instructors can allow students to use video, text chat, and voice chat to ask questions, make comments, etc.
  • Students can use the hand-raise feature to maximize usage of classroom time and organization.
  • Instructors can provide guest speakers (who are not enrolled in the course) a link to enter and participate in the session.
  • Instructors can promote students to a presenter role to allow them to share their own files or screen.
  • Instructors/Students can share their screen to demo special software/files

Faculty: Suggested Opener Slide for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Sessions:

  • It is suggested that faculty place a welcome message at the beginning of their session. This message should remind students to complete the audio/setup wizard as well as test their talk and chat functionality. Below is a copy of a PowerPoint slide that the faculty member can download and copy/paste into the front of the slides that they upload into the session. It is suggested for faculty to arrive to the session early and post this as students enter the room.

Faculty: Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra within D2L:

Video: Blackboard Ultra within D2L (for Faculty)

Faculty & Staff: Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Standalone (outside of D2L):

  • Click on the image below to open a training video of how faculty can use Ultra standalone (use the bottom list icon to toggle the table of contents).

Video: Blackboard Ultra Standalone (for Faculty & Staff)