Accreditation/Substantive Change Ad Hoc Committee


The Ad Hoc committee will work with the SACSCOC Liaison to:

Ensure that compliance with accreditation requirements is incorporated into the planning and evaluation process of the institution.
Work with the administration on substantive changes as stated in Gordon State College's Substantive Change Policy.
Attend SACSCOC annual and summer meeting when appropriate.
Coordinate the preparation of the Fifth-Year Interim Report


  • SACSCOC Liaison and Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness or Representative - Britt Lifsey
  • Previous SACSCOC Liaison -Teresa Betkowski
  • QEP Coordinator - Anna Higgins-Harrell
  • Dean of Arts and Sciences - Richard Baskin
  • Dean of Education - Mike Mahan
  • Dean of Nursing - Anne Purvis
  • Director of Library Services - Sonya Gaither
  • Advancement Representative - Candi Babcock
  • Enrollment Management Representative  - Justin Mathis
  • Finance and Administration Representative - Jody DeFore
  • Student Affairs Representative - Sharon Lloyd
  • Compliance Officer - Kristi Hayes
  • Faculty Representative - Lynn Rumfelt
  • Staff Council representative  - TBD
  • Assessment Analyst - Ashley Kalle


AY 2017-2018 Agenda/Minutes