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  • If yes, please email jpg to Tyler Pittman. Should be W x H: 960 x 100 pixels

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Do you require modifiers for your products?

  • If yes, do they vary between products? (i.e. Student Id, Name, Address)

Assign user access based on the roles below: (Note: You must have at least one user with the Fulfiller role.) Explanation of User Roles

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Upon submission of this request for a GSC Marketplace store and its products to be sold, I fully understand the responsibility for the collection, management, and fulfillment of all transactions whether cash or online payment resides with the Store Manager. All online stores will be subject to the rules and regulations as governed by Gordon State College Policy, the University System of Georgia Board of Regents Policy and Business Procedures, U. S. Federal Regulations and Guidelines and the State of Georgia Code of Regulations. The creation of a store and its products are at the discretion of the Director of Business Services and Controller of Gordon State College. If the Store Manager elects to accept cash, it is the Store Manager's responsibility to complete a Deposit Report and submit the cash and report to the Business Office. The Business Office will not accept cash payment for store transactions from the customer. If an Agency Account is established, I will adhere to the rules and regulations governing the operation of an Agency Account as stipulated within the USG Board of Regents Policy and Business Procedures Manual.

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