How Refunds Work

The Bursar’s Office ensures all students are refunded in a timely matter set forward by the Department of Education. Students should not expect to receive their aid and refund the exact same day as their peers.

Please read below for a general outline of the refund process.

Start of the Semester

All student accounts must be paid in full by payment deadlines or covered by anticipated, awarded financial aid. Sometimes, accounts must be paid out of pocket if aid eligibility cannot be determined in time.

Class Attendance

It is required that all professors turn in enrollment verification for their courses to ensure aid is not awarded to a student that decided to not attend the class. Students that are dropped due to non-attendance are given a chance to petition for reinstatement.

Financial Aid Disbursement

Students receive an email from the Financial Aid office stating their aid has disbursed to their student account. This means the aid has paid towards the account charges. Depending on student and aid types, the Financial Aid office disburses aid at differing times.

View Disbursement Date

  • Log into Banner Web
  • Select "Financial Aid"
  • Select "Award"
  • Select "Award Payment Schedule"
  • Select the appropriate aid year

This will show all of your disbursements and the date they will be available.

  • Expected Date - the date the funds will be disbursed.
  • Expected Amount - the amount that will be disbursed on the expected date.
  • Paid to Date - the amount that has already been disbursed.

Refund Processing

The Bursar’s Office is required to refund any credit on the student account within 14 days of disbursement. Due to disbursement dates and amounts, not all students will be refunded on the semester’s first disbursement and it may only be a partial amount of the total expected refund for the semester.

When a student’s account is ready to be refunded, we will send the student a refund email. This email will contain the amount of the refund and the selected refund type.