Housing Contract Cancellation & Buyout

Students have a selected time frame to cancel their housing before the start of their first housing term. These details are listed in the housing agreement. Afterwards, a student must fill out a room reassignment and/or housing buyout form on eRez.

Room Reassignment

Students may choose to request a room reassignment in case another student is available and willing to take over their room and housing contract. The student needs to stay in contact with Housing to verify whether or not their contract was reassigned on a weekly basis. If the room is not taken by a new student, then the original contracted student must be prepared to either pay the buyout or the full cost of the room.

Contract Buyout

Students may choose to pay the $1,000 buyout charge to remove void their housing contract. After the payment has cleared, housing charges will be removed from the student’s account.

Fall - Spring Cancellation Deadline: July 1st.

Spring only Cancellation Deadline: December 1st.