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Estimated Expenses for RN-BSN Program

2017 Online RN-BSN Completion Program Estimated Cost for 3 semesters

Estimate does not include any core classes that must be taken.

Program Item

Estimated Cost

Program Tuition

$104.20 x 31 = $3,230.20

GSC Institutional Fee

$200 x 3 = $600.00

GSC Technology Fee

$52 x 3 = $156.00

Nursing Liability Insurance

$13.50 x 3 = $40.50

*Background Check & Drug Screen

Advantage = $78.50 / Navicent = $85.80

*ACE MAPP Clinical Placement


Approximate costs of Books for Entire Program

$600.00 - $750.00 (Range is based on new or used)

Proctor U Exam Fees

$15 x 3 = $45

**Total Cost of GSC RN-BSN Completion Program

~ $5000

*Cost depends on where student is placed for clinical and is charged directly to the student through the company.

**Total Cost does not include Mandatory Student Health Insurance. If a student has a current, qualified health insurance plan in place, they may waive the USG's Health Insurance.


Other optional fees may not be included.