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Book Buy-Back

Gordon State College Bookstore has book buyback during final exam week at the end of each semester.

The Bookstore will purchase books on an as needed basis for the upcoming term as well as for a national wholesale company. 50% of the retail price will be given for textbooks purchased for the upcoming term. The wholesale price is less than the retail price and is determined by the wholesaler.

Be sure to keep your textbooks in the best condition possible; and bring all parts associated with the textbook including CDs' or disks' for the best price. The best national wholesale price will be given for books that are not going to be used on our campus or are overstocked. A receipt is not needed for book buyback, but your picture ID is required.

If a book is not on the buyback list, the reasons could be one of the following:

  • The Bookstore has not received a request from the division for classroom use of the book for next semester.
  • The book is an old edition, study guide, workbook, lab manual, or programmed text.
  • In a few cases, the Bookstore is overstocked.
  • The Bookstore has bought back the limit based on what the division feels will be their class enrollment.
  • Fill-in workbooks that cannot be reused, books that are excessively written in, torn, or have missing pages, will not be bought back.
  • The Bookstore will not purchase instructors copies, complimentary copies, or international editions.

A receipt is not needed for book buyback, but your picture ID is required.

Please note that textbook buyback is only offered during certain periods.

As a courtesy, a wholesale company generally comes in at the beginning of the semester for an "opening buy". Typically, this is the first two days of class for a new semester. This is a convenience for students that missed the buyback during final exams and is set up at the front entrance of the Bookstore. For this buyback, only wholesale amounts will be given for textbooks.

Please note that some textbooks do not have any buyback value. The value of your textbook will be determined by the wholesale representative based on national demand.

Simply Stated...

If Gordon State College Bookstore can re-sell your book, you will receive up to 50%, if not; a used book dealer may purchase your books and sell them to other campuses. Their values are based on national demand for the title.

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