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Business Administration

The Associates of Science in Business Administration provides students with the basic understanding of business, accounting, and economic principles that they need to begin work or to move into a bachelor degree program in management and administration, business administration, marketing, accounting, or a host of other specialties. This degree prepares students to succeed in the Bachelor of Science in Management and Administration at Gordon State College and includes core courses accepted by Business Administration degree programs throughout the country.

Area F Requirements

Required Courses: 15 hours

ACCT 2101 (3-0-3)
ACCT 2102 (3-0-3)
BUSA 2101 (3-0-3)
ECON 2105† (3-0-3)
ECON 2106† (3-0-3)

Choose one of the following courses: 3 hours

BUSA 1105 (3-0-3)
BUSA 2105 (3-0-3)
BUSA 2106 (3-0-3)

Hours Applied to Area F ............................................. 18 HOURS

Courses may not be used to satisfy requirements in more than one Area.

Advising Notes

  • † ECON 2105 and ECON 2106 must be used to satisfy Area F requirements.
  • Since most four year business programs require students to take calculus (MATH 1501) at some point, we recommend that students take MATH 1111 as their Area A math class or better yet, MATH 1301 or MATH 1501. If they take MATH 1111, then we recommend MATH 1113 as their third Area D class and MATH 1501 as their Area B class.
  • Unless students have a math SAT above 500 (or equivalent ACT) we recommend that they not take Accounting before they take Math 1111 or higher; new freshmen tend to struggle in Accounting, even if they have had accounting in high school.
  • ECON 2105 and ECON 2106 must be used to satisfy Area F requirements.
  • We recommend Math 1111 or higher before students take either economics class.
  • Students who started at Gordon State College before Fall, 2007, should consult their advisor regarding Area C requirements.

Advisement Worksheet

Business Administration Advisement Worksheet (pdf)

Please download and print out this advisement worksheet and review all requirements before your initial meeting with your advisor. Hold on to this worksheet for future planning.

Additional Information

Business Administration Program Map

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