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PLA Tuition and Other Costs

What fees are charged for the PLA Documentation Course?

The PLA Documentation Course has the same tuition rate as any other two-hour GSC course.

National Examination Fees

You can find information about National Examination Fees at our testing center website.

Department Challenge Exam

A student who wishes to challenge a course must present to the chairperson of the department that offers the course sufficient information to enable the department chairperson to determine the student's mastery of the material provided in the course. If the student is approved for credit by examination, the student will pay an examination fee of $50 per course challenged. Students must arrange payment through the GSC Testing Center.

All students challenging a course must 1) not be currently enrolled in or withdrawn from the course to be challenged, nor have previously completed the course at any institution, 2) be currently enrolled in the college as a degree seeking student, and 3) complete and file an official course challenge form with the registrar prior to taking the examination.

Portfolio Assessment

When students arrange to submit a documentation set (portfolio) for assessment, they must arrange payment through the GSC Bursary for the charge for the PLA evaluation based on the number of credit hours assigned for each course. The table below designates cost associated with the number credit hours. Students must pay this evaluation charge for each assessment for which they apply.

# Credit Hours Cost
4-6 $300
3 $250
2 $200
1 $150


Contact Information

Students who believe they might be eligible for PLA should schedule an appointment with GSC's Adult Learner Coordinator/PLA Assessor. The assessor will work with students to determine if their prior learning experiences meet the criteria to earn college credit:

Dr. Ric Calhoun, AVP Innovative Education and Strategic Initiatives
Campus Address
419 College Drive
Lambdin Hall #340