Adult Learners

If you are an independent adult, transfer student, member of the military, a military veteran or professional who wants to earn a college degree, this site will offer resources to help guide you in the process. Whether you are beginning a college career or returning after several years, we are here to help assure your academic success.

Gordon State College (GSC) seeks to provide support and services to Adult Learners, also known as "Non-Traditional" students.

An Adult Learner may possess any of the following three characteristics at the time of his or her enrollment:

  • 25+ Years old
  • 20-24 years old with fewer than 30 credit hours completed
  • 5 years since high school completion

GSC is committed to improving the success of adult learners. This is why as a campus we strive to offer an increasing number of online, hybrid, evening and off-campus courses each semester to fit your busy lifestyle. Gordon is also proud to offer eCore courses in addition to our scheduling each semester, more information about eCore classes can be found below. We are also able to provide three 100% online completion programs to help you finish that Bachelor's you've always wanted!

B.S. in Human Services

B.S. in Management & Administration

B.S. in Nursing (RN-BSN)

Adults Forward

On this site you will find links to resources valuable to adult learners:

Gordon State College is a member of the University System of Georgia Adult Learning Consortium (ALC).

Council of Adult and Experiential Learning