Access Institute

Admissions Course through Collegiate Excellence and Student Success

The Gordon State College ACCESS Institute (the Fall Institute and the Summer Institute) provides an alternative admissions pathway to applicants identified as having the potential to succeed in college but who do not otherwise meet regular admissions criteria. This ability is demonstrated through adherence to the following standards of progress.

This program is available through the Gordon State College Office of Admissions. Not all applicants will qualify.

1) In order to remain in the program, all students must earn at least a C in all courses during the first term.

2) Students may not drop courses without also withdrawing from the program.

3) All students who remain in the program after the first term agree to take a set of prescribed classes together (i.e., remain in a cohort) for at least one additional semester.

4) All students agree to meet regularly with academic coaches, advisors, and tutors appointed by the college and to follow their guidelines and recommendations.

5) All students agree to follow the policies of their instructors as outlined on their course syllabi.

6) All students agree to follow other policies and procedures of Gordon State College.

ACCESS Institute students remain subject to all other applicable college policies. Admission to the ACCESS Institute, furthermore, is contingent upon the execution of a contract specifying additional conditions.

ACCESS Institute Contract

In addition to other college-level courses, first-term students in the Fall Institute or Summer Institute will normally be enrolled in ENGL 0999, ENGL 1101, and FIRE 1000, a specially designed course to improve student success. Second-term students will normally be enrolled in ENGL 1102, MATH 0997, MATH 1001, PHED 1001, and other college courses they choose with their advisor.

All ACCESS Institute students are eligible for supplemental academic support services (including tutoring), applicable financial aid, and on-campus housing in Melton Hall (subject to availability).