Mark Brinkman, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology

Mark Brinkman, PhD.

Title: Professor of Biology  

Office: IC 237

Phone: 678-359-5848


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Research Interests:  Invertebrates, Insects, Ants

Courses taught at Gordon State College:

BIOL 1111K and BIOL 1112K Introductory Biology I and II, Area D non-science and allied health majors       

BIOL 1107K and BIOL 1108K Principles of Biology I and II, Area F required courses for biology and science majors     

BIOL 3500K Ecology, required course in the Bachelor of Science in Biology core curriculum      

BIOL 3520K Invertebrate Zoology, upper-level elective in the Bachelor of Science in Biology

Refereed Journal Publications:

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