Application and Admission

LPN-RN Bridge Degree Program Criteria

General Requirements / Procedures for Admission

Admission to the Nursing Education Programs is granted on a space-available basis. Applications that meet all admission requirements will be ranked according to their qualifications and admitted in order of their rank, starting with the most qualified, until all available spaces are filled. Admissions are extremely competitive. As such, not all individuals who meet the admission requirements may be admitted.

The application for the Fall 2020 LPN-RN Bridge program will be available to online December 2, 2019 - January 17, 2020.

Prerequisite Core Classes:

  • Quantitative Skills and Reasoning or College Algebra
  • Anatomy/Physiology I
  • Anatomy/Physiology II
  • English Composition I
  • English Composition II
  • Human Growth & Development
  • Microbiology with lab
  • American History I or II
  • approved Humanities Elective (3 hr.) 

**All core classes must be passed with a grade of C or better. Biology 2210, 2211, and 2250 must be less than 5 years old upon entry into the program. For Fall 2020 cohort sciences must be Fall 2016 to current.

LPN to RN Bridge Program Admission Requirements:

Applications for the LPN-RN Bridge program is accepted only during the Fall semester. The application process period commences on December 2 - January 17. Application packet with all required documentation must be submitted by no later than 12:00 p.m. January 17, 2020, (or the last business day BEFORE the due date should it fall on a weekend) in order to be considered.

  • Must have applied for and received a letter of acceptance to Gordon State College before applying to the program. 
  • Must enclose sealed official academic transcripts for each college/university/tech school attended to include Gordon State College (if you attended Gordon State College).
  • Minimum overall/cumulative GPA of 2.5 at the time of applying. 
  • Exemption from or completion of all Learning Support Classes.
  • Department recommends completing 75-80% of Core Curriculum prior to applying to either the ASN program or the LPN-RN Bridge Program.
  • BIOL 2210K, 2211K, and 2250K must be LESS than 5 years old. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • For Fall 2020, cohort sciences must be Fall 2016 to current.
  • Upon receipt of a completed nursing application packet and verified eligibility for consideration to the nursing program, eligible students will be mailed specific instructions to schedule a date to take the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Assessment Test. Successfully passing the Kaplan's Nursing Entrance Assessment Test with a minimum score of 62% is required. (See Admission Test Requirements for more details). 
  • Not failed two (2) or more nursing courses in any nursing program, including an LPN program with a grade of "D". 
  • Not failed any nursing course with a grade of "F" in any nursing program, including the LPN program.
  • Able to meet Technical Standards.
  • Successful completion and the passing of the LPN Validation Test and the Skills (Lab) Test. For applicants who received a conditional acceptance to the nursing program. These tests are administered during the summer semester proceeding the fall semester start term. Passage of all tests is required for final acceptance.
  • In addition to the admission requirements listed, you must have a minimum of one-year work experience practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse in a medical facility.

Contents to Include in Application Packet:

  • Completed nursing application.
  • Copy of an acceptance letter to Gordon State College. Must have applied to and received an acceptance letter to Gordon State College before applying to program. 
  • Official Transcripts from all previous and current colleges/universities/technical schools attended. 
  • Copy of all licenses/certifications(LPN, CNA, EMT,etc.) if applicable.
  • If previously admitted to an RN OR LPN program and was not successful in completing the program you must submit (2) reference forms Reference Form -Nursing.pdf with your application.

**Incomplete/late applications will not be considered for admissions consideration.

Contact your Academic Advisor or refer to our website for course planning and additional information.