Program Description

Health Information Management is the business side of medicine. It may also be referred to as Health Information Informatics Administration or simply Health Information Management (HIM). The profession focuses on health care data and the management of healthcare information resources. It addresses the nature, structure, and translation of data into usable forms of information for the advancement of health and healthcare of individuals and populations. HIM professionals may also be involved in the financial side of medicine such as revenue cycle and medical coding compliance. The HIM professional is an important member of the healthcare team who provide quality information which directly contributes to the quality of patient care.

Why Gordon State College?

  • The Gordon State College Health Information Management program offers a unique curriculum with a solid foundation in statistics, finance, management, and health information.
  • Students are provided with a professional practice experience at a clinical site.
  • The program offers small class sizes with a small student to faculty ratio
  • Students are provided with the knowledge they need to be successful in the HIM industry
  • The HIM faculty are professionals in the field of Health Information Management and are active members of the Georgia Health Information Management Association, American Health Information Management Association, additional professional memberships may include the American Academy of Professional Coders, and the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society.

Why Health Information Management?

  • It is a career which combines knowledge of information technology and health records management to form a connection between clinicans, administrators and information technology professionals.
  • Many employers allow remote opportunities
  • The profession of health information management is one of the fastest growing occupations in the U.S. today
  • Challenging and rewarding career in which there is room to grow and offer lifelong learning opportunities
  • Some HIM job titles include: Data Analyst, Clinical Data Specialist, Coder, Medical Billing Specialist, Compliance Officer, Coding Auditor, Cancer registry consultant, and HIM director. 

HIM Core Curriculum Courses

AREA A- Recommended Courses for HIM Program

ENGL 1101- Composition I  (3cr)

ENGL 1102- Composition II (3cr)

MATH 1111- College Algebra (3cr)

AREA B- Recommended Courses for HIM Program

COLQ 2991 – 2995 (2cr)

AREA C- Recommended Courses for HIM Program

ENGL 2111 or 2112, ENGL 2131 or ENGL 2132 (3cr)

HUMN 1501- Humanities (4cr)

AREA D- Recommended Courses for HIM Program

BIOL 1111 Intro Biology + Lab (4cr)

BIOL 1112 Intro Biology + Lab (4cr)

MATH 2101 Introductory Statistics (3cr)

AREA E- Recommended Courses for HIM Program

HIST 1121 or 1122 Western Civilization I or II (3cr)

HIST 2111 or 2112 American History I or II (3cr)

POLS 1101 American Government or

SOCI 1101 Introduction to Sociology  (3cr)

AREA F- Recommended Courses for HIM Program

COMM 1000, 1100 or 1110 (3cr)

ACCT 2101- Principles of Accounting (3 cr)

BIOL 2210- Anatomy & Physiology I (4cr)

BIOL 2211- Anatomy & Physiology II(4cr)

HIMA 2000- Medical Terminology (3 cr)

AREA G- Recommended Courses for HIM Program

PHED 1101-1151 (Select one) (1 cr)

PHED 1001 or 1010 (3cr)



HIM Course Offerings Upon Admission to Program Following the completion of core and Area F

Fall Semester- 1st Year

HIMA 3410- Health Data Classification and Coding I (3cr)

HIMA 3030- Pathophysiology & Essentials of Pharmacology (3cr)

HIMA 3000- Introduction to Healthcare Systems (3cr)

MGNT 3000- Principles of Management (3cr)

MGNT 3100- Principles of Marketing (3cr)

Total Semester Hours:     12


Spring Semester- 1st Year

HIMA 3110- Human Resources Admin Health Sciences (3cr)

HIMA 3230- Financial Management (3cr)

HIMA 3420- Health Data Classification and Coding II (3cr)

MGNT 3200- Financial Management (3cr)

CSCI 1101- Introduction to Computers & Computer Programming (3cr)

Total Semester Hours: 15


Fall Semester- 2nd  Year

HIMA 3430- Health Data Classification and Coding III (3cr)

HIMA 4020- Legal & Ethical Issues in Healthcare (3cr)

HIMA 4130- Quality Assessment & Healthcare Statistics (3cr)

HIMA 4240- Health Care Systems: Analysis & Design (3cr)

Total Semester Hours:     12


Spring Semester- 2nd  Year

HIMA 4070- Health Data Networks, Databases & EHR (3cr)

HIMA 4110- Knowledge Management & Research Support (3cr)

HIMA 4140- Reimbursement Methodology (3cr)

HIMA 4190- Internship and Seminar (6cr)

Total Semester Hours:  15