History and History with Secondary Teacher Certification

A Bachelor of Arts degree in History provides a general understanding of the complex factors that influence human behavior. The discipline of history is a central pillar of a liberal arts education playing an essential role in helping students to think critically and in developing their ability to communicate complex ideas. History graduates are expected to be proficient in written and oral communication, conscientious and exacting in research, and thoroughly grounded in the skills of analysis and interpretation. Graduates have ultimately pursued careers in a wide variety of fields from education to public service. Moreover, history remains among the premier pre-professional degrees for students intending to study law or medicine.

Department of History and Political Science
Department of History and Political Science

Degree Requirements

Required Courses

3 Hours
  • HIST 4900 (3-0-3)

Choose one of the following courses

57 Hours
  • HIST 3000/4000 x7
  • Any Subject 3000/4000 x5
  • Any Subject 1000-4000 x7

History Advising Worksheet

Advising Worksheet

Please download and print out this advisement worksheet and review all requirements before your initial meeting with your advisor. Hold on to this worksheet for future planning.