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Selected Courses in Theatre

THEA 1000 - Voice and Diction

Prerequisite: Exemption from Learning Support Reading and Writing

An introduction to vocal training for production of Standard American Speech with an emphasis on resonance, breath control, vocal relaxation, and posture using the International Phonetic Alphabet and a variety of contemporary approaches to vocal training.

THEA 1100 - Theatre Appreciation

An introduction to all aspects of the theatrical experience, including an analysis of the script, the actual performance, and the role of the audience and the artist.

THEA 1102 - Stagecraft

An introduction to all technical crafts of the theatre, including the technical workings of scenery, lighting, costumes, properties, and sound.

THEA 2104 Introduction to Scenic Design

This course will cover design theory, style and process for scenery; hand and computer-aided drafting (CAD), modeling and rendering techniques; history of scenic and architectural design; and script analysis for design.

THEA 2105 Introduction to Lighting Design

This course will cover design theory, process, and script analysis for lighting; hand and computer-aided drafting (CAD) techniques; history of lighting design; equipment selection; basic electricity; hang and focus of a light plot; and cueing for theatrical productions.

THEA 2201 Acting I

An examination of the fundamentals of acting, including improvisation, scene study, and monologue work.

THEA 2202 - Acting II

THEA 2202 is a theatre course in which students continue to develop skills in the basic elements of acting. This course will focus on the Stanislavsky approach to actor training.

THEA 2205 - Script Analysis

Prerequisite: Theatre majors only or permission of the instructor.

A survey of the development of Western dramatic form and style with a focus on production.