Prospective Music Majors

Prospective Music Majors


Audition Dates

Scheduled upon request.

Procedures for Auditions

Gordon State College has a growing Music Program that is designed to prepare students for matriculation to a four-year music program. To reserve an audition time, please follow all of the instructions below. If you have any questions or concerns, or need any help filling out the form, please contact us. Please follow these steps to receive an audition date:

  1. Complete Application Form (download and print from this site or submit online).
  2. You should receive notification from the faculty of Gordon State College within 10 days of submitting the form. If you do not, please contact Dr. Wallace or Dr. Boumpani.

Audition Requirements

Instrumental (Brass and Woodwinds)

  2. One Etude of your choice from any book you have used in lessons.
  3. A solo, preferably from the Georgia Music Educator's Solo Ensemble list.
  4. Sight Reading


  1. One art song selection by an Italian, German, French, or Spanish composer.
  2. One art song selection by a 19th, 20th, or 21st century American or British composer, including arrangements of Negro Spirituals.
  3. Sight Reading


  1. SCALES:
  2. Two pieces from contrasting time periods
  3. Sight Reading


  1. SCALES:
  2. A short etude
  3. One solo guitar piece


  1. A short rudimental etude on snare drum, a short mallet etude
  2. SCALES on one mallet instrument: C-F-Bb-G-D
  3. Snare drum rudiments

All accepted students will be required to take a theory/ear training placement exam. This exam is used only for placement purposes and will not affect your acceptance to the program.

First Semester Music Schedule for Music Majors

Music Theory I (MUSC 1201) 3 hrs.
Aural Skills I (MUSC 1101) 1 hr.
College Chorus (MUSC 1601) 1 hr.
Vocal Ensemble (MUSC 1611) 1 hr.
Applied Music Lesson 1 hr.
Core Electives 5 or more hours

Music Major Handbook

For more information about a major in music, download the Music Major Handbook from the hyperlink below. The handbook is rendered in Portable Document Format (.pdf), which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Instructions for downloading and installing the Adobe Reader are available on the Adobe web site.