BS in Human Services Online Degree Completion Program

The Human Services Bachelor of Science online degree program has three start terms: Fall, Spring and Summer. You choose your start date and complete the degree online at your pace. Transfer students with prior college credit that satisfies the core curriculum requirements of the University System of Georgia and the major requirements equal to an associate degree in human services at Gordon State College (see Online Advisement Worksheet below) can complete the degree within two years. Any outstanding core curriculum and pre-requisites must be taken separately, but with an increasing number of online options added every semester this is easier than ever. We offer all necessary prerequisite courses online every semester. To begin the application process Choose Your Student Type and Apply for Admission.

Course Rotation
Course Rotations are under review. Please contact an advisor within your major with any questions.

Fall 2020

HUSV 4010-Program Planning, Development, & Evaluation (430)

HUSV 3001-Research Methods in Social Sciences (429)

SOCI 3060-Culture and Diversity (435)

PSYC 3060-Organizational Psychology (434)

Spring 2019

HUSV 4081- Special Topics in HS Leadership

SOCI 3045-Poverty


Internship & Capstone

Fall 2019 – New Rotation

BUSA 2106-Environment of Business

HUSV 2101-Introduction to Human Services

COMM 3950-Organizational Communication

PSYC 3040-Social Psychology

Spring 2020

PSYC 3050-Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 3020- Interviewing and Counseling

HUSV 4080- Grant Writing Special Topic

HUSV 4030- Legal and Ethical Issues

Courses Available Online Each Semester:Prerequisite Requirements: See "Course Descriptions" below for prerequisite requirements for the upper level courses offered through this online program.

  • BUSA 1105-Introduction to Business
  • BUSA 2101- Business Information Systems
  • BUSA 2106-Environment of Business
  • PSYC 1101-Introduction to Psychology
  • PSYC 2103- Human Growth & Development
  • SOCI 1101- Introduction to Sociology
  • ECON 2105-Macroeconomics
  • ECON 2106-Microeconomics
  • *alternating* ITEC 2220-Web Design and Development or ITEC 2215-Introduction to Information Technology
  • HUSV 2101-Introduction to Human Services
  • HUSV 4900-Human Services Internship (Taken after completion of majority of required courses.)
  • HUSV 4901-Human Services Capstone Seminar (Taken during last semester.)
  • MGNT 4900-Senior Seminar

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Advisement Worksheet

HUSV Advisement Worksheet

Please download and print out this advisement worksheet and review all requirements before your initial meeting with your advisor. Hold on to this worksheet for future planning.