Secondary Education

Gordon State College offers an Associate of Arts Degree with a concentration in Teacher Education through the college transfer program. This program is designed to allow students to complete the first two years of course work leading to a baccalaureate degree. After graduation from Gordon, the program allows students to transfer their course work to another University System institution, continue their studies for an additional two years, and receive the baccalaureate degree.

Gordon transfer programs comply with the Core Curriculum of the University System of Georgia. Under the guidelines of the Core Curriculum, a student who completes the approved Core at Gordon State College or any particular Area within the Core may transfer this course work to any other state college, two-year college, senior college, or university within the University System without loss of credit.

Advisement Worksheet

Secondary Education- Advisement Worksheet

This map might be helpful for those who are just beginning to take college courses. It provides a list of the courses a student must take before beginning the program.

Area F Requirements

Advising Notes
  • Students desiring to teach at the high school level should complete the Area F for the discipline they wish to teach. Please consult the individual majors for the appropriate coursework.
  • † Students who want to teach secondary math or science should take pre-calculus (Math 1113) in Area A.
  • *Students may elect to use excess Area F credit hours to complete EDUC 2110, 2120, and 2130. These courses will be required at the institution where the baccalaureate degree is completed.
  • Courses may not be used to satisfy requirements in more than one Area.


Advisement Worksheet

Secondary Education Advisement Worksheet

The courses listed in this worksheet should be completed before a student begins the secondary education program. Please download and print out this advisement worksheet before your initial meeting with your advisor. Fill it out with current information and take it to your advisement meeting. Hold on to this worksheet for future planning.