Study Abroad FAQ

What are the academic requirements for participation in study abroad?

You must be in good academic standing. You must be enrolled at Gordon State College during the semester/summer of the program, although you may be a transient student from another institution and take only the study abroad course(s).

What other requirements are there?

You must be a serious-minded student with a desire to learn in and experience a different culture.

You must have a valid passport.

Please see individual programs for other requirements.

Are there scholarships available?

Various scholarships are available, & the list below should not be considered exhaustive. Your employer or your parents’ employers may offer scholarships. Additionally, there may be scholarships offered by service organizations in your town.

Following are some of the scholarships available:

AAMI Intercultural Study Program

Academy of Educational Development


Benjamin Gilman Scholarship

Boren Scholarships & Fellowships

Board of Regents

Chafin Smith Scholarship

Diversity Network

Foundation for Global Scholars

Fulbright US Student Program

Fund for Education Abroad

Gilman-McCain Scholarship for Military Dependents

Golden Key Honor Society

Go Overseas Scholarship Database


Or you can try You put in all your information, and the program matches you to any scholarships forwhich you may qualify.