Why Study Abroad?

A world of difference!

Join the hundreds of Gordon students who have studied in other countries. You'll make new friends from a different country.  Many of our students have developed a love of traveling and go on more than one program, participate in the same program twice, or travel independently. They gain confidence; many are a bit fearful at first but end up flying to different cities on their own (with classmates), and you can count on getting help planning a weekend trip if you choose a four-week program.  You become familiar with at least one different country, culture, and language (or dialect), you get college credit, you get to know different people—and, not least of all, you have the time of your life!

student standing on statues in barcelona
Barcelona - students standing on statues

All programs include a Gordon professor who directs the program and accompanies the students, with the exception of European Council programs, which include directors from other Georgia colleges/universities.  A passport is required, but no visa is needed for any of the programs.  In most cases, no injections are needed.  Special diets can be accommodated.

Costa Rica - Standing at sign