Online Learner Alignment Quiz

Will I Be A Successful Online Learner?

This self-assessment may help you determine how well your skills and characteristics align with online learning. Read the statements below and select Agree, Somewhat Agree, or Disagree based upon how well it describes you as a learner. Find your results at the bottom of the page. While this may give you an idea about how well you might align with online learning, remember that motivation and self-determination often play the largest role in your success.

  Agree Somewhat Agree Disagree
If I don’t understand something, I do not have any problem reaching out to someone for help.
I would consider myself to be a decent writer in terms of basic organization, grammar, etc.
I am aware that there are resources on-campus, like the Student Success Center, or off-campus, like NetTutor—an online tutoring center, to help me with writing.
In group projects, I consistently communicate with those in my group and don’t leave them hanging.
I am willing to e-mail or have discussions, such as in a group project scenario, with people I do not see on a normal basis.
I am willing to correspond with my teacher electronically, knowing that I might not be able to meet him/her in person.
Time Management
  Agree Somewhat Agree Disagree
I have a place in my home that is free of distractions where I can complete school work.
I can usually complete tasks (like school assignments) in the allotted amount of time provided.
I would not consider myself to be a procrastinator—I get started on assignments pretty soon after they are given to me.
I do not require someone else to constantly remind me of deadlines.
I understand my own pace of learning (how long it usually takes me to complete a task).
I am willing to allot specific days/times of the week to commit to an online class.
I can develop weekly checklists for myself and actually complete everything that is on my list in a timely manner.
I have the ability to control my schedule (which might include work) so that I’m able to complete everything on my checklist.
Stress Management
  Agree Somewhat Agree Disagree
My schedule allows me time to dedicate at least 6-8 hours a week to each online course I take.
I can balance my home, work, and school life pretty well.
I do not have too many external factors (such as working long hours, or caring for family) that would severely limit the time I could dedicate to school.
If I get overwhelmed I am able to push myself through it by continuing to focus or seeking help.
I do not get frustrated and stop activities when the answer isn’t always immediately clear to me.
Those around me (family, friends, bosses, etc.) are supportive of me attending school and understand the time commitment it involves.
I have a plan to address situations when my family is sick or when my job requires extra hours so that these unexpected happenings do not affect my ability to complete assignments on time.
I understand that if I do not complete my assignments on time or if I do not reach out for help, the burden is on me and my failure wouldn’t be anyone else’s fault.
Technology Skills
  Agree Somewhat Agree Disagree
I have consistent internet access at home.
I have a desktop or a laptop computer that is relatively new and can be allocated for school work.
I have a back-up plan to use another computer if mine has a failure (i.e., using a friend/family member’s computer, using a computer at work, etc.).
I have Microsoft Office on my home computer (remember you can download it for free through the school).
I can navigate the internet fairly well.
I can use Microsoft products fairly well (i.e., Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc.).
I have access to a printer (either at my house, work, etc.).
I am comfortable creating, replying, and attaching files to email.
I understand how to download and install new software on my computer.
I understand where and how I can seek technology help (either at Gordon or elsewhere).
I am willing to participate in training to help advance my technology skills, if need be.
Learner Characteristics
  Agree Somewhat Agree Disagree
I would consider myself a good reader and often comprehend what I read.
I pay close attention to instructions and follow them well.
I don’t usually depend on someone to tell me something—I am motivated to search for answers on my own.
I would consider myself to be proactive—I don’t wait around for someone to tell me what to do. I take the initiative myself.
I can learn new concepts by reading text and watching videos.
I am good at eliminating distractions (which might include other technologies, people, etc.).
  Agree Somewhat Agree Disagree

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