TechSmith Relay Resources for Faculty

TechSmith Relay is a video creation and hosting service that allows faculty to develop instructional videos. Students can also create their own videos as course projects.

Notes about TechSmith Relay:

  • Instructors AND students should create their own account at: They must use their GORDON email.
  • Videos can include a (1) recording of the computer screen (screencast), (2) recording of both the screen and the speaker, (3) recording of outside images or yourself (using the Fuse app)
  • TechSmith Relay can be using inside or outside of Brightspace by D2L
  • Instructors and students can download the recorder and make videos on their office or home computers.
  • Quiz questions can be built into the video to allow for self-checks and formative assessments
  • Video analytics are tracked so that the instructor can determine how much of the video the students watched


Instructors: Using TechSmith Relay

The instructor can choose to use TechSmith Relay inside or outside of D2L. To place a TechSmith Relay video within D2L, the instructor would first create the recording and upload it to his/her TechSmith Relay account. He/she can then pull the video into D2L to connect to a grade item (to count towards the current average). The instructor can also choose to not connect the video to a grade item so that it doesn't count for a grade. Quiz questions and viewer analytics can also be tracked. Students will view the video right within D2L and will not have to log into their TechSmith Relay accounts.


Instructors: Creating a Video using the TechSmith Relay Fuse App

Do you want to create videos outside of your office or home? Perhaps you want to film nature or other areas that are difficult to capture with a webcam attached to your computer? You can use the TechSmith Fuse app to capture a video with your mobile device. You can then sync the video to your TechSmith account wirelessly. Once the video is in your account, you can add quiz questions, pull the video into D2L, or give students the link to watch the video. Video analytics will be tracked like any other TechSmith Relay video.


Instructors: Using a Video from Youtube in TechSmith Relay

If instructors would like to add quiz questions to or track student viewing for a Youtube video, they can pull the video into TechSmith Relay. At that point, however, students are watching the video through Relay (and have to log into their accounts) and not through Youtube.


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