Gordon State College Statutes

Section 3.4: The Student Government Association

The Student Government Association, based on the authority granted by the college administration, shall strive to:

  1. Provide for communications between the students of Gordon State College and the college administration and Faculty.
  2. Promote student government through:
    1. The sharing of ideas and information.
    2. Assisting college officials through delegated authority.
    3. Implementing campus life and student activity programs.
    4. To promote student involvement among the student body and Student Government Association of Gordon State College.
  3. Promote and serve as official agent of the student body of Gordon State College in the presentation of their opinion on matters affecting student welfare.
  4. Promote loyalty to Gordon State College standards of integrity and conduct, as defined in the Gordon State College Academic Catalog.

The Student Government Association Constitution describes additional responsibilities of the Student Government Association. The Student Government Association shall create committees necessary to carry out its functions, all of which are described in the Student Government Association Constitution. The Student Government Association also designates members to serve on selected Faculty Senate Committees, all of which are listed in the Faculty Senate Bylaws and the Student Government Association Constitution.