Gordon State College Statutes

Section 3.1: The Faculty Senate


The purpose of the Faculty Senate shall be to provide a systematic means of recommending policy and any changes in policy, except those mandated by the Board of Regents, to the President of the College and to the Faculty. The Faculty Senate shall serve as the mechanism for shared governance at the College and shall be responsible for approving and amending the Gordon State College Statutes. The Bylaws of the Faculty Senate contain a fuller description of its responsibilities and organization (see Appendix A).

3.1.2 Standing Committees of the Faculty Senate

All members of the Faculty Senate standing committees, other than permanent and ex-officio members, shall be elected by the Faculty. Standing committees may, upon approval of the Faculty and the Gordon State College President, change the number and composition of their membership. Notwithstanding the requirements levied on schools or academic units to supply a stipulated number of Faculty representatives (as listed for each committee below) schools and academic units with ten or fewer assigned Faculty positions will be free to determine which committees they will send representatives to and whether or not they will send a full or reduced number of representatives.


  1. Academic Judicial Committee
  2. Academic Planning and Budget Committee
  3. Academic Policy Committee
  4. Admissions, Advisement, Registration, Retention, and Financial Aid Committee
  5. Academic Assessment Committee
  6. Faculty Development Committee
  7. Faculty Welfare Committee
  8. General Education Committee
  9. Gordon State College Statutes Committee
  10. Instructional Technology & eLearning Committee
  11. Hightower Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) and Library Committee

The Gordon State College Faculty Senate Bylaws describe additional responsibilities of the Faculty Senate. The Faculty Senate shall create committees necessary to carry out its functions, all of which are described in the Faculty Senate Bylaws (see Appendix A).