Keynote Speaker 2018

Teaching Matters

The Interconnected Village of the Open Education Movement

Jeff Gallant, Program Manager of Affordable Learning Georgia

Head shot of Jeff Gallant.

Through the Affordable Learning Georgia initiative, Georgia is one of a few states who first blazed the Open Education trail, building new ways to adopt, adapt, and create open textbooks in the classroom and focusing on making college more affordable for University System of Georgia students. ALG, along with the other Open Education pioneers in North America, quickly learned that the key to growing and sustaining Open Education efforts was teamwork between a diverse group of higher education departments and individual innovators; you'll never "walk alone" with Open Educational Resources (OER).

Jeff Gallant, Program Manager of Affordable Learning Georgia, will give an overview of the Open Education movement and describe how everyone within the University System of Georgia's Open Education effort is critical to the "village" it takes to raise the program, particularly the roles of instructional faculty and instructional designers as they find and implement new methods to create, remix, and get OER into the classroom. He will also give a glimpse into the future of Open Education in the University System of Georgia.

Jeff Gallant, Program Manager of Affordable Learning Georgia, a University System of Georgia initiative which aims to lower the cost of textbooks for students and contribute to their course retention, progression, and completion. Jeff manages the Textbook Transformation Grants program, now in its third year and eleventh round, which has affected an estimated 250,000 USG students over the past three years and saved them 33.3 million dollars in textbook costs as of Fall 2017. He manages the GALILEO Open Learning Materials repository, which contains all open educational resources created by Affordable Learning Georgia and the Textbook Transformation Grants program. Jeff also manages communications for Affordable Learning Georgia, including a weekly newsletter and the initiative's website. Before becoming Program Manager, Jeff was a Reference Librarian for Electronic Resources and Virtual Services at Valdosta State University.