First Session Summer Grades Available

First Session Summer Grades have been posted to your Banner Web Account. Final GPAs and Academic Standing will not be calculated until the conclusion of the full summer semester. 


CETL Schedule of Events

Fall 2018 CETL Events



All year

NFO!  (New Faculty Orientation Events are intended to welcome and onboard our new colleagues.  We will have a two-day welcome & onboarding session on July 30 and 31, several other onboarding sessions in August and September, advisement sessions throughout the year, and a debrief with the Provost in January. Various locations.)



Wednesday 1; 8:30-5:00

Third Annual Student Success Summit (Various locations)



Wednesday 12; 3:30-4:20

Use of a 50 Minute Metacognitive Lecture to Significantly Improve Student Performance in Introductory Courses (Special encore—per faculty request, presented by Bernard Anderson; IC 112)


OnePage arrives via Gordon Email (Our new CETL Newsletter is an introductory version of Desktop Professional Development—per faculty request!  OnePage offers reviews of books in the CETL Library, links to helpful sources, encouraging tidbits on miscellaneous topics, and more.)


(October session cancelled Cancellation due to hurricane)



Monday 5; 3:30-4:20

Getting your wish GRANTed:  Pursuing an Affordable Learning Georgia Textbook Transformation Grant (A special CETL Session; IC 112)

Monday 12; 3:30-4:20

LEAP in the Classroom:  Maintaining the Goals of a Liberal Education (A special CETL Session; IC 112)

Wednesday 14; 3:30-4:20

this CETL event is a panel and discussion with Matthew Little and an impressive array of faculty from all over the campus; IC 112)

Monday 26; 4:30-5:30

A CETL Holiday House Celebration of the GSC Faculty Highlander EDGE Award Winners, our 2018 Governor’s Teaching Fellow, and our four Chancellor’s Learning Scholars (This event will take place immediately following our last Faculty meeting.  Please drop in to congratulate our winners, grab a bite of something sweet, and gain some sweet encouragement for your teaching!)




Winter OnePage             

Spring 2019 CETL Events




Thursday 3; 12:00-1:00

Precarious!  (Our 2nd Annual Special CETL Brown Bag Event, Precarious! will take place on Faculty Report Day.  You bring lunch, and I’ll provide the dessert and coffee. This CETL panel and discussion will focus on the topics of Social Belonging, Inclusion, Housing/Food Insecurities, and The W Curve; Panelists:  Matthew Little, Erica Madoni, Cortney McLeod, and LaRonda Sanders-Senu; IC 112)

Friday 18

Deadline for Teaching Matters proposals

Wednesday 23; 3:30-4:20

Getting your wish GRANTed:  Pursuing an Affordable Learning Georgia Textbook Transformation Grant (The 2nd special CETL Session from our ALG grant winners; IC 112)



Wednesday 13; 3:30-4:20

You want me to do what?”  Finding Time for Professional Development (This CETL panel and discussion is intended to provide strategies for balancing teaching and professional development—of all varieties.  Panelists:  Tom Aiello, Doug Davis, Amanda Duffus, Prathibha Joshi, Richard Schmude, Rhonda Wilcox, and Marry Williams; IC112)

Wednesday 20; 3:30-4:20

“What about the rest of my life?”  Mentoring our Students for Success During and After College (CETL panel & discussion; Tonya Moore and a panel of cross-discipline faculty; IC 112)



Wednesday 6; 3:30-4:20

Show me the money!”  (Back by popular request, this session presented by Mike Mahan offers very solid guidance on finding grant opportunities—beyond ALG—and on writing/orchestrating the grants themselves; IC 112)

March 7 & 8

First Things First:  Preparing Students for Success (17th Annual Teaching Matters Conference; see program for times and locations)



Wednesday 3; 3:30-4:20

Quick!  Give me Something Useful I can Steal!” (“Think no-fuss, weeknight meal recipe type of thing” was the faculty request that inspired this CETL panel and discussion that will focus on effective teaching techniques/strategies that can be easily added, adopted, or altered —on the fly.  Panelists:  Alan Burstein, Wendy Martin, Lynn Rumfelt, Theresa Stanley, Katie Wester-Neal, and Ed Whitelock; IC112)

Friday, 12

2019 Undergraduate Research Symposium


Spring OnePage

Monday 29

Highlander EDGE Awards! (immediately following our final faculty meeting year)




Summer OnePage