Fall 2019 CETL Events




NFO & P-TFW (Our New Faculty Orientation and Part-Time Faculty Welcome events are intended to welcome and onboard our new colleagues with a two-day orientation, several additional onboarding sessions, advising training, and a debrief with the Provost for our full-time faculty and a one-time welcome event for our part-time faculty.)

Wednesday 28; 3:30-4:20

Perspectives on Plagiarism (A Teaching Matters encore panel with Scott Shubitz, Richard Baskin, Linda Hyde, Jane-Marie McKinney, and Katie Wester-Neal; IC 112)



Wednesday, 4; 3:30-4:20 Chancellor’s Learning Scholars (Join our five Chancellor’s Scholars to learn more about this initiative—and to join one of the five CLS Faculty Learning Communities; IC 112)
Monday 23; 3:30-4:20 One Step at a Time:  Using the Inverted Triangle Model to Build Technology-Enhanced Courses—without getting Overwhelmed (Autumn Schaffer; IC 112)



Wednesday, 2; 3:30-4:20

TiLTed!  (A Special CETL Workshop on Transparency in Learning and Teaching led by visiting speaker Denise Domizi; IC 112)

Wednesday, 30; 3:30-4:20

Highlander Training:  Petitions and Advising FAQs Answered! (Panelists include Barry Kicklighter, Ed Whitelock, Tom Aiello, Laura Chambley-Shadrick, Kristi Hayes, and Jody DeFore; IC 112)



Monday 11; 3:30-4:20

Highlander Training:  Highlander Registration Tips & Tricks! (Autumn Schaffer and Steve Raynie; IC 112)

Wednesday 20; 3:30-4:20

CETL House Stroll & Learn (Join Katie Wester-Neal, our Education majors, and CETL for a coffee bar and a poster display; CETL House)



Monday 9; 4:30-5:30

A CETL Holiday House Celebration, honoring all GSC faculty and especially our 2019 Faculty Highlander EDGE Award Winners and our newest Chancellor’s Learning Scholar. (This event will take place at the CETL House, immediately following our last Faculty meeting.  Please drop in to congratulate our winners and to gain some sweet encouragement for your teaching!)