Fall 2020 CETL Sessions


Monday 24; 3:30-4:30 Automated Appointments: How to Streamline Scheduling Online Meetings with Students (SSS Encore; Katherine Sylvestre; Zoom)


Friday, 11; 2:00-3:00 CETL Online Express:  A Panel Session with ACUE Online Teaching Mentors

(Join us for this Easy-on-the-Cognitive-Load panel session with Samantha Bishop, Valerie Calhoun, Tony Pearson, and Jessica Traylor.  Think limited menu drive up where you can select a strategy for your online or hybrid courses.  This is not a SSS Encore; Zoom) 

Monday, 21; 3:30-4:30 But How Do I Know They Are There?  Tips for Active Participation and Student Engagement in an Online, Hybrid, or Technology-Enhanced Course

(Join us for this SSS Encore; Valerie Calhoun, Ric Calhoun [stepping in for Tony Pearson], and Autumn Schaffer; Zoom)


Monday, 5; 3:30-4:30                      AAMI Sharpens their EDGE:  Society Reminds us Why it is Important NOW to Help our Students Experience the Benefits of AAMI

(Join us for this SSS Encore [with tweaked title]; Ryran Traylor; Zoom)     


Wednesday 4; 3:30-4:30  Bringing International Virtual Exchange to GSC: A Tool for Student Engagement, Increasing Critical

(Join us for this SSS Encore, which is also a featured event of our Intercultural Education Week, November 2-6; Christy Flatt & Guests; Zoom)

Monday 9; 3:30-4:30 Sensitive Issues in Learning Environments: Let's Talk

(Join us for this SSS Encore; Brent Johnson; Zoom)  

Monday 30; 4:30-5:30 CETL Holiday House Wine Down  

(Join us for our 4th annual Holiday House to celebrate several award winning faculty members; this will also be our 2nd Wine Down CETL gathering—so let’s toast to the end of a crazy semester! Zoom)