Undergraduate Research Symposium: April 2012

The best scholarly work of Gordon State College students in the disciplines of History and English

Nursing Building Collaborative Learning Center (Room 123) starting at 2pm on April 18, 2012

Panel 1: Re-Making Feminine Identities

Wendy Giere-Frye, “Little Known Women of the Civil War”

Asia Anderson, "The Parallelism of Katherine Philips and Paiderastia: The Ideas of Platonic Love and the Real Interpretation of Her Works"

Shaunasee Holder, “Sula/Sula: The Resistance of Normality”

Panel 2: Romantic Aesthetic Patterns

Anna Cogdill, “What a ‘Beauty’”

David S. Cromer, "'For Me or Not For Me, That is the Question': A Discussion of Selflessness and Promethean Desire in British Literature"