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Your gift helps build a community of learning

How are financial contributions to Gordon put to work? The simplest answer is: To help people grow and develop.

Gordon State College puts the greatest possible resources into building a "community of learning." Our faculty and staff support this vision fully - they give to the college at levels that are extraordinary for a college. In 2005, every single Gordon State College employee made a gift to the college.

Today, Gordon State College is positioned to make a bigger impact than ever before. We currently offer nine four-year degrees with another degree offering set for 2016. Gordon State also offers 38 areas of study that are easily transferable.

With these expanded programs and plans come additional costs. This new chapter in our long and proud history will require more resources.

Whether big or small, your contribution makes a difference. Your gift enables Gordon State College to fund more scholarships, provide more resources for the library, and offer more of the student and community programs that make us invaluable to the people of middle Georgia.

Be a part of helping Gordon State College continue its legacy of changing the future by changing lives. Contribute online now or call us at 678.359.5739 to discuss your gift. Thank you!