Graduation Survey Results

Department Based Security

The dashboard utilizes data level access which will restrict the information available based on the Tableau Server account.

  • Deans – Deans will have access to survey results by school or degrees which are offered within their school.
  • Provost and President – The provost and president accounts will have access to all Schools.


  • Term - The term indicates the term for which the students taking the survey graduated.
  • School/Degree – Allows display and analysis of data for a specific school or degree. Only one school/degree or ALL may be selected at a time. The list of available schools/degrees will be based on account permissions and the semester selected through the Semester/Term parameter. 


Response – Displays the sum of number of responses for each question of the graduation survey and the percentage of total number of records with the detail about the responses.
By Gender- Distinct Count of respondents. Gender categories are based on student Person data found on the SPAIDEN Banner form
By Age – Age categories are based on student age as defined by the academic data collection Age at Term for the graduating semester.