Grade History

The Grade History Dashboard provides visualizations to the ABC/DFW rates and Grade Distributions of grades in the Academic History of Banner.  Data level permissions using faulty home departments restrict viewing of grades to appropriate department head, dean and administrator Tableau Server user accounts.  Both views within the dashboard can be filtered and grouped/sorted for a wide variety in presentation of the information.

Dashboard Access

The Grade History dashboard is accessible through the Academic Admin project.

Data Availability

Semester grades for the dashboard will become available the morning following the Registrar’s Office “rolling” grades to Academic History.

Department Based Security

The dashboard utilizes data level access which will restrict the information available based on the Tableau Server account.

  • Department Heads – Each department head will have access to subjects/disciplines for faculty assigned to their department.
  • Deans – Deans will have access to subjects/disciplines for faculty assigned to the departments within their school.
  • Provost and President – The provost and president accounts will have access to all subjects/disciplines.

Dashboard Views

The dashboard consists of two views or tabs of information – ABC/DFW rates and Grade Distributions.  Consistent with other Tableau dashboards, the views are listed as tabs across the top portion of the dashboard web page.  The current view being displayed may be changed by clicking on the desired tab for that view.

Dashboard Interaction

Levels of Display - There are 4 levels of display for each view which can be expanded and collapsed.  The order of the levels can also be selected.  The order is changed by selecting the desired GroupBy option in the filter drop down.  The options are “Subject/Course/Section/Faculty” and “Faculty/Subject/Course/Section.”
To expand or collapse the levels, point the mouse cursor to the Level heading near the top left corner of the web page and a [+] or [-] should appear.  Clicking the [+] will expand the level and clicking the [-] will collapse the level.

Filters - There are multiple filters available for selecting which data to display.

  • Term Code - Select one or more terms for display.
  • Campus – Select campus and/or online delivery method.
  • Instructional Method – Methods of Online/Hybrid and/or Traditional may be selected.
  • Course Subject – Select one or more subjects available limited by user account permissions.
  • Course Number – Select one or more course numbers available limited by user account permissions.
  • Faculty – Select one or more faculty available limited by user account permissions.