Enrollment Management Dashboard: Daily Enrollment History

This tab presents a history of the daily unduplicated headcount for the current and previous year in a line graph format.  There are several filters available for the graphical display including:

  1. Campus - Multi-checkbox selection of the main Barnesville, ancillary off-campus and Online may be selected for display.  The campus locations available for selection is updated to reflect only relevent locations based on other filters applied to the tab.
  2. Semester - Options available are Fall and Summer. (Spring will be added in the future)
  3. Campus - The years to be displayed.  Currently, 2013 and 2014 are available.  As time progresses, up to 5 years will be available. (might be able to add 2012)
  4. Group - Options for whether the student is Continuing (was enrolled previous Spring for Fall & Summer terms or Fall for Spring terms) or Admit (NOT Continuing so enrolled through an Admission or Readmission process)

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