Enrollment Management Dashboard: Applications Map

The applications map gives a geographical view of applications county of origin.  The county of origin is the applicant’s county of residence at time of application submission.  The current and 2 prior terms are available for display; however, only one term may be displayed at a time.

The map symbols used are dots placed in the center of each county.  The size of the dot represents the number of applications received from that county.  The color of the dot represents the yield rate calculated as number of student registered over number of applications accepted for that county.  The color ranges from dark red to shades represneting a low yield to dark green representing a high yield.  The red-green change occurs at a 60% yield.  Below each dot is a series of numbers.  The first set of numbers, seperated by dashes, gives the applications received, accepted and registered.  For example, 20-10-5 for a county would represent 20 applications received, 10 of those 20 accepted and 5 of them registered as students.  The percent shown represents the calculated yield.  The example yield would be 50% (5 resigistered divided by 10 accepted).

There are several filters available including:

  1. Application Term Entry
  2. State of Origin - The filter defaults to GA.  If other states are selected, the map area will adjust accordingly.
  3. Application Decision
  4. Admit Type

Zoom Control - The map display can be zoomed using the zoom controls in the upper left corner of the map.  Zoom options are + to zoom in, - to zoom out, a rectangle tool to zoom based on clicking and dragging a rectangular area of the map, and a home zoom which zooms to the maximum extent of the data selected through the filters, i.e. if GA is selected, the map will automatically zoom to full state of GA.

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