Enrollment Management Dashboard

The Enrollment Management Dashboard provides key statistics for tracking and managing the semester enrollment process for continuing students as well as admitted students (New and Readmit).  The dashboard is divided into 3 sections - Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Status by Student Group and School/Department, and Daily Enrollment.

Admit students are those that applied for Summer or Fall and are not enrolled for the previous Spring.  Admitted students with no Advisor assignment are coded to a “Not Assigned” school aggregation.
Continuing students are those that are enrolled the previous Spring.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) - The KPI section shows the progress toward reaching the semester enrollment target for admitted students (New and Readmit), Continuing and total enrollment.  The target for each group of student, current enrollment and percent of target are displayed.  Each KPI also uses a color coded background that varies from dark red (0%) to dark green (100%).  As indicated on the KPI legend, the transition from red to green occurs at 92.5%.

Gross Registration - Gross Registration is an unduplicated count of students that register for classes at any point during the semester’s registration process. In addition to currently registered students, it also includes those that are no longer registered for any reason such as having their schedules dropped for non-payment, etc. The Gross Registration count will not decrease.

Net Enrollment - Net Enrollment is the current unduplicated headcount of students registered for classes. The Net Enrollment count will increase as students register and decrease as schedules are removed.

Status by Student Group and School/Department - This section aggregates potential student counts by Locked, Unlocked/Advised and Registered.  The aggregates can be viewed at the School, Department and Advisor level.  Each level displays a 100% bar graph depicting the percentage of potential students by each of the three statuses using a color coding of red for Locked, yellow for Unlocked/Advised and green for Registered.  The aggregate counts for each of the three statuses is also displayed on the bar graph.

This section also has several filters for adjusting the scope of the aggregations.

  • Group filter selects Admit, Continuing or both groups of students. 
  • Non-Returning filter selects whether the student has indicated he/she will not be returning to Gordon. 
  • Graduating filter selects whether the student has submitted a graduation application and has graduated or is “on track” to graduate. 
  • Reg Holds filter selects whether the student has active holds Banner that would prevent the student from registering.
  • Max Degr filter allow selection of the highest degree earned by the student at Gordon State
  • Student Type filter allows selection of students based on their student type.
  • Academic Standing filter allows selection of any standing assigned to the current population of potential students. .
  • Fin Aid SAP filter allows selection of any Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress status.  Students that have not submitted a FAFSA or GSFAPPS have a status of “Non FA Student”

Daily Enrollment
The Daily Enrollment section of the dashboard displays a line graph of the number of students enrolled.  The graph range is the opening of Early Enrollment through the week of the official Midterm Census.  The graph has indicators in addition to the enrollment graph.

Percent of target - The graph is banded with indicators for 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the semester target.  Hovering the mouse over the top of each band will display the quartile of the target.
Milestone Date - Using the previous year enrollment by day as a base, milestone dates for each quartile of the target is indicated.  Comparing the total enrollment to the milestone date gives an indication if enrollment is on track to met the target.

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