Enrollment Big Board

The Enrollment Big Board provides a real-time overview of Enrollment, Application and Housing data. Since it is real-time, this dashboard is an overview and is less complex than the Enrollment Management Dashboard.

Headcount by Continuing Status - Count of enrolled students disaggregated by Student group.

  • Continuing students are those that were enrolled the previous Spring or Fall. This includes Move on When Ready students who are applying for standard admission.
  • Readmit students are those with an RA admit type.
  • New/Other Admit- Any new students or students who do not fall into either of the categories above.

Headcount by Paid Status - Count of enrolled students disaggregated by Paid status.
The Paid status is pulled from the Banner AR Indicator.

  • Unpaid
  • Paid
  • Held

Applications - Count of Admissions Applications Received, Accepted and Registered. During the Fall Enrollment the applications can be filtered by Summer and Fall terms.

  • Received - Count of applications received. Applications with a decision that is considered Inactive in Banner are excluded.
  • Accepted - Count of applications with an Application Decision of AC, FA or PA
  • Registered -  Count of applicants enrolled in classes. This count may include MOWR/Dual Enrolled students applying to the college that where enrolled in the previous term as MOWR/Dual enrolled student.


    Admit Type
  • Freshmen -  Includes students with one of the following admit types:
    • Beginning Freshmen
    • International Freshmen
    • Non-traditional Freshmen
    • Traditional Freshmen
    • Traditional Freshmen Limited
  • MOWR/Dual Enrolled -  Includes students with an admit type of Dual Enrollment or Move on when ready
  • Readmit-  Includes students with and admit type of Readmit.
  • Transfer/Transient-  Includes students with an admit type of Regular Transfer and Transient
  • Other -  Includes students with an admit type of Post Baccalaureate