Course Repeats

Dashboard Access

The Course Repeats dashboard is accessible through the Academic Admin project.

Department Based Security

The dashboard utilizes data level access which will restrict the information available based on the Tableau Server account.

  • • Department Heads – Each department head will have access to subjects/disciplines for faculty assigned to their department.
  • • Deans – Deans will have access to subjects/disciplines for faculty assigned to the departments within their school.
  • • Provost and President – The provost and president accounts will have access to all subjects/disciplines.


  • Bar Chart Displays the percent of student enrolled for term as First Attempt or Repeat Attempt based on whether another grade for course in previous term is stored in Academic History
  • Term Table Displays unduplicated headcount, number of attemps and average attempts per student disaagregated by First Attempt students and Repeat Attempt students.
  • Repeats by Previous Grade Table  Displays the previous attempts disaggregated by the final grade received on the previous attempt.  Also displays the average GPA of students.


  • Irfreeze - Select enrollment terms for display
  • Subj & Numb - Select the course by Subject & Number to display
  • Repeat Type - Select the repeat type to include:
    • GSC - Course taken at GSC
    • Academic Renewal - Grade now coded as Academic Renewal attempt
    • Transfer - Course credit transferred into GSC