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Net Tutor


What is NetTutor?

NetTutor is a comprehensive online tutoring service offered in conjunction with Gordon State College. Tutoring is often available after regular business hours, on the weekends, as well as during holidays. Students are able to utilize this service (via Brightspace by D2L) to meet live with a tutor or to submit questions to the tutoring center offline (which are usually answered within 24 hours).



How do I access NetTutor?

NetTutor is currently available (through Brightspace by D2L). Students may log into Brightspace by D2L here: using their Gordon email username (do not include and current Gordon email password.



What courses/subjects are available for Tutoring? What days/times is tutoring offered?

To access the tutoring schedule, students will need to click on the NetTutor link in D2L and then choose the calendar icon in the top right corner of the screen.



Will NetTutor work with my computer?

NetTutor works with Windows and Macs, and on almost any browser. After students log in, a browser test will confirm that their computer is compatible with NetTutor. If anything is missing, the test will tell students where to find it. Students may try the browser test directly by visiting:



What if I need technical help?

If students have any questions or technical difficulties, they may click the Customer Service Request link and fill out the form. There is a comprehensive online manual that includes an extensive frequently asked questions section. This can be located at:



Where do I locate NetTutor?

1. Students should login to Brightspace by D2L at this link: Students should use their Gordon email username (excluding the and their current Gordon email password. If students need to reset their Gordon email password they can do so here:

2. Students should choose the course in the "My Courses" area. (Make sure to filter by the correct semester).

3. Students should choose the "NetTutor" link on the bottom right of their Course Homepage. They will then enter the NetTutor area and select the subject area/ course they would like assistance with.

NetTutor access link




How do I use the "Ask a NetTutor," "Q&A Center," and the "Paper Center" with NetTutor?



How is a live tutoring session conducted?



How do I use the NetTutor whiteboard (for typing, drawing, composing equations, etc.)?



How do I submit a question to a live tutor through NetTutor?



How do I submit a paper to the NetTutor Paper Center?