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Convocation 2016 in Brightspace by D2L

All incoming Gordon State College freshman students were asked to attend a Convocation seminar. If a freshman student was not able to attend a seminar on-campus, he/she may complete an online version. This seminar is available in Brightspace by D2L. Students will need to login to access the video and quiz. Students will need to visit the Student Success Center (2nd floor of Student Center) to receive the password and complete the quiz. Students must score at least a 70% or 70/100 to pass the quiz.


1. Login to Brightspace by D2L here: https://gordonstate.view.usg.edu/. Use your Gordon email username (without @gordonstate.edu) and your current Gordon email password.


2. On the far right side of the page under "My Courses" make sure to sort by "Fall 2016". Under the administrative department should be a "Convocation 2016" link.


3. After entering the course, read the instructions in the green widget. Then choose "Content" from the top left navigation bar.


4. Choose the "Gordon State College- Convocation 2016" link in the middle of the page.


5. Read the instructions on the page and watch the embedded video. After watching the video, choose "Content" on the top left of the navbar again.


6. You will now see a Convocation Quiz module (on the left side) and link to the quiz. In order to complete the quiz you will need the password. You will need to visit the Student Success Center (2nd floor of Student Center) to get the password and have your test monitored.


7. After inputting the password and beginning your quiz, you will need to answer each question, saving as you go. When finished, choose "Go to Submit Quiz" at the bottom of the page.


8. After submitting your quiz you will see the questions you missed as well as your score in the bottom right corner.


9. If you did not score at least 70/100 or 70%, you will need to retake the exam. Choose "Content" on the navbar and choose the Convocation Quiz module again to reopen the quiz. Brightspace by D2L will record your highest score on the quiz. This will be displayed under the "Grades" area on the top navbar. You will need to print your Grades area to show that you have passed the exam. Give that printout to the Student Success Center in order to receive your passport.