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Gordon RSS Feeds

Choose from the following RSS Feeds available on the Gordon website

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a standard format used primarily for delivering web content that changes frequently – such as press releases, news, audio, video, and other information. Users can subscribe to an RSS feed through a feed reader or news aggregator application. Feed readers are available as desktop software (Outlook), web-based services (Google Reader), or mobile apps (Reeder). Once you subscribe to an RSS feed, the feed reader will then automatically download and display all new postings and/or articles that it finds. The RSS feed icon – shown at the beginning of this paragraph – lets you know a feed is available on the web page you are viewing. Simply click on the icon to access the RSS feed. Then, copy the web address (URL) and add it as a new subscription to your feed reader, or aggregator.

Why Use It?

  • Stay up-to-date: Feed readers, or aggregators, will automatically notify you when an RSS feed has been updated. In other words, instead of you having to visit a web page to find new content, the content will now be delivered to you.
  • Saves time: RSS feeds allow you to get information from a website without having to actually visit the site first.

How Do I Use RSS?

To subscribe to an RSS feed, paste the feed's web address (URL) into your favorite feed reader (or news aggregator). For example, if you would like to subscribe to the Campus News and Events feed from this page, click on the Campus News and Events link above. When the RSS feed appears on the page just copy the web address of the page and enter, or paste, into your reader. Below are some popular feed readers that you can download or use.