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A state college in the University System of Georgia

Advising for Mathematics and Natural Sciences

  1. BIOL 1107K and BIOL 1108K are designed for science majors.  While that does not mean a non-science major will not succeed, students with weak math and chemistry skills may have a hard time. Please encourage non-science majors to take BIOL 1111K and BIOL 1112K.
  2. Science majors who are not ready for MATH 1113 (Pre-Calculus) must take MATH 1111 (College Algebra).  They may not take MATH 1001.  If you are advising LS students who plan to be science majors, please keep this in mind.
  3. All science majors are strongly encouraged to take CHEM 1211K and CHEM 1212K in their first year.
  4. A non-science major can take MATH 1111 (Algebra) and have it count in Area A.  However, the mathematics faculty does not encourage this unless the student’s major requires it.
  5. A non-science major can take MATH 1001 (Quantitative Skills), MATH 1111 (Algebra), and MATH 1113 (Pre-Calculus) and get credit for each.  MATH 1101 would fulfill an Area A requirement.  MATH 1111 and MATH 1113 would count, respectively, in Areas B and D (as the elective).
  6. If your major requires Organic Chemistry (CHEM 2401), you MUST take CHEM 1211 in the Fall semester of your Freshman year, if you want to graduate in 2 years.
  7. Non-science majors should be advised against taking CHEM 1211; it reduces necessary seats for science majors plus non-science majors typically struggle/suffer with the math component.

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