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Library Computer Areas

The computers in Hightower Library are intended for Gordon State College students, faculty, and staff to use in searching the online catalog, accessing the GALILEO databases and resources, or conducting research for class assignments. Because the number of computer terminals available in the library is limited, priority will be given to the following functions.

  • Priority will be given to students 1) searching in and printing from the databases or Internet resources available through GALILEO or 2) creating, modifying, or printing documents directly related to a class assignment. Printing is limited to 20 pages per day, per patron.

Playing computer games are NOT permitted on the library's computers. Although word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software are available in the library's Computer Areas, students are asked to use these programs in other campus computer labs if such work does not require immediate use of library resources or materials. The Writing Lab is located in Academic (Room 109) and several multi-use computer labs are available in the IC Building.

The following policy applies to all computers and electronic equipment on campus.

Computer & Electronic Equipment Usage Policy Statement

The rules stated below are (1) to assure that all College property, including, but not limited to, computer hardware and software, electronic, and telephone systems are used for business purposes only, (2) to assure that all internal proprietary information is safe-guarded, and (3) to advise employees and students that College equipment is not used to store or transmit information or items which they consider to be private or personal. The fact that the College may not have enforced these policies in the past should not be interpreted to mean that the College cannot enforce them now or in the future.

  1. Only current faculty, staff, and students may use College computer equipment, electronic equipment, and software.
  2. Students may use college computers and software only for class assignments, term papers, projects, and/or tutorials for their courses.
  3. Computer software is protected by United States copyright law. Most software manufacturers allow for use of software in classes or computer labs. The College does not condone use of its software for any other purpose.
  4. Disks/files are subject to inspection by Gordon State College. Those found to contain unauthorized copies of copyrighted software will be erased.
  5. In classes where computer networks are used, students may use only user names, passwords, and files authorized by their instructor.
  6. Unauthorized changes to machine configurations, system configuration programs, or batch files are prohibited.
  7. Unauthorized additions, deletions, or modifications of application software are prohibited.
  8. Gordon State College equipment cannot be used to type, transmit, or print harassing, offending, illegal, sexually suggestive, or inappropriate messages.
  9. Anyone violating these policies may be subject to further disciplinary action.
  10. All systems belonging to Gordon State College are subject to monitoring. The College reserves the right to enter and review all computer databases and electronic transmissions, including, but not limited to, computer, electronic, and telephone systems.

Anyone who uses College computer and electronic equipment acknowledges and agrees to observe these policies.