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What is circulation?

Circulation is the process of lending library materials to individuals so that they can use them outside of the library. Items that do circulate may be checked out by an individual and taken out of the library. Items that do not circulate may not leave the library.

Who can check out materials from Hightower Library?

Current Gordon State College students, faculty, or staff members may check out circulating materials from Hightower Library using their Gordon State College identification card. Items that do not circulate may be used by students in the library building only.

Are there any restrictions on what I can borrow?

The following factors may limit or restrict what you can borrow from Hightower Library.

Availability Items currently checked out by other users cannot be borrowed. Users desiring an item that is checked out should speak with a library employee about their options.

Circulation Policies

Books located on the 2nd floor may be checked out of the library. Books or other materials that have been placed on Reserve at the Circulation Desk may be checked out for library use only, unless the instructor who places them on Reserve indicates otherwise.

The following materials do not circulate:

  • periodicals (single issues, bound volumes, or microform volumes)
  • reference works
  • rare books or manuscripts
  • audio-visual materials (cassette tapes, videotapes, slides, filmstrips, maps, etc)

How many books can I check out?

In order to ensure that all students have equal access to materials for their classes, students can borrow up to 15 books at a time. Faculty and staff hmay check out up to 30 books out at one time.

How long is the loan period for books?

Students may borrow books for up to 4 weeks from the date they checked them out at which time books will automatically renew twice unless recalled to be used by another student. The due date is stamped in the back of each book. Books are due back in the library no later than the due date.

Students also have the option of renewing their books two (2) times, after which they must return the books to the library. Circulating books can be renewed either at the library's Circulation Desk or through the "Your Account" section of the online catalog. It is the student's responsibility to keep track of the loan period for each item and return borrowed items to the library by the due date.

The loan period for Reserve items may be one of the following:

  1. Four hour in-library use, which applies to most items. These items cannot leave the library for any reason.
  2. Seven Day Checkout - These items may leave the library and are due back in seven days.

What if I don't return my books on time?

Books and other borrowed items that are not returned on time will incur a fine. The fine for circulating books is 25¢ per day overdue. The fine for Reserve items is 25¢ per hour overdue. This includes days/hours that the library is not open. The fine is automatically charged to the user's account. The maximum fine per book is $10.00.

Library fines must be paid in full at the Circulation Desk. Students can neither register for the next school term nor obtain transcripts until these fines are paid.

What is the procedure for checking out books?

  1. Bring the books you wish to borrow to the Circulation Desk.
    Books that may be checked out and taken out of the library are located on the 2nd floor. Books placed on Reserve by an instructor are kept at the Circulation Desk; in order to be taken away from the Desk, they must be checked out, but they do not leave the library unless otherwise indicated.
  2. Present your Gordon State College student I.D. to the librarian.
    In order to check out materials from Hightower Library, students must present their current Gordon State College identification card. This card is obtained from and updated each semester at the Business Office (Lambdin Hall). If students do not have their Gordon State College ID, they must present a photo ID (such as a driver's license) of some type.
  3. Make sure you know when the books are due before you leave.
    Because students are responsible for any overdue fines on the books checked out to them, it is their responsibility to confirm when the books are due back at the library or Circulation Desk.

Where do I return books?

Return circulating books to the Circulation Desk (when the library is open)or to the book drop (when the library is closed). Reserve items should always be returned to the Circulation Desk. Students are advised to make sure the Reserve item(s) is checked back in before they leave the Circulation Desk.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

Beverly Eskridge, Circulation & Media Librarian
678. 359. 5076