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A unit of the University System of Georgia


Gordon State College Policies

President Evaluation of Administrators and Directors  
  Formulation and Issuance of College Policies  
  Governing Board Administration Distinction Policy  
  Governing Board Conflict of Interest Policy  
  Governing Board Control Policy   
  Governing Board Dismissal Policy  
  Personnel Appointment Policy  
  Presidential Authority and Responsibilities Policy  
Academic Affairs Academic Dishonesty Policy  
  Academic Freedom Policy  
  Academic Renewal Policy  
  Academic Standards of Progress Policy  
  Academic Suspension Appeals Policy  
  Appeal of Academic Petition Decision Policy  
  Class Attendance and Enrollment Verification Policy  
  Compensation Structure for Special Faculty Assignments  
  Course Syllabus Distribution Policy  
  Credit By Examination Policy  
  Credit Hour Policy  
  Double Credit Policy  
  Faculty Credentials  
  Faculty Overloads  
  Grade Appeal Policy  
  Post-Tenure Review Policy  
  Prior Learning Assessment Policy  
  RN-BSN Program Policy  
  Semester System Policy  
  Substantive Change Policy  
  Teaching Load for Full-time Faculty Policy  
  Transfer Credit Policy  
Finance and Administration Confidential Security Office Procedure (SOP)  
  Cost of Attendance Determination for Students Receiving Financial Aid     
  Email System Acceptable Use & Security Policy  
  Federal Student Educational Opportunity Grant  
  Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) Compliance Policy  
  Parking Policy  
  Records Management Policy  
  Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP)  
  Tuition for Georgia's Dual Enrollment Program Policy  
  Waiver of Fees for Georgia's Dual Enrollment Program Policy  
  Weapons Policy  
Web Content Policy Guidelines  
Institutional Advancement Campus Alcohol Policy  
  External Publications Policy  
  Facility Use Policy  
  Fundraising Policy  
  Intellectual Property Policy  
  Naming Policy  
  Programs Serving Minors Policy  
  Social Media Policy  
Student Affairs Admissions Policy  
  Breaks and Holiday Policy  
  FERPA Policy  
  Freshmen Residency (Live-On) Requirement Policy  
  HIPAA Policy  
  Housing Application and Damage Deposit Policy  
  Housing Eligibility Policy  
  Major/Advising Pathway Change Policy  
  Married Housing Policy  
  Notification Policy  
  Overnight Guest Policy  
  Personal Care Attendant Policy  
  Presidential Waivers Policy  
  Residence Hall Visitation Policy  
  Student Activities Bulletin Boards Policy  
  Student Complaint Policy  
  Students Rights and Responsibilities   
  Student Sexual Misconduct Policy  
  Student Withdrawal Policy  
  Transfer Student GPA Policy  
  Transfer Student Policy  
Human Resources Amorous Relationship Policy  
  Background Investigation Policy  
  Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy  
  Education Support Leave Policy  
  Equal Employment Opportunity  
  Ethics and Compliance Hotline Reporting  
  Gordon State College Hiring Guide  
  Motor Vehicle Use Policy  
  Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy  
  Open Records Policy  
  Progressive Discipline Policy  
  Relocation Policy  
  Staff Grievance and Disciplinary Review Policy  
  Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus Policy  
  Volunteer Policy