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Spring 2017 Checkout Instructions/Video

3. 11. 2016

Spring 2017 Residents

  1. Sign-up with your RA three to four days prior to your departure to inspect your room/unit.
  2. Remove ALL personal belongings/effects from your room BEFORE the final inspection scheduled with the RA.
  3. Clean/sweep room, common area, and bathroom; arrange beds/furniture to original position before the final inspection.
  4. Meet with the RA on the day and time you signed up for the final inspection of your room.
  5. Review & Sign the Room Inventory Form in the presence of the Resident Assistant.
    NOTE: If you are NOT RETURNING to the residence halls
    1. Write Not Returning on the RI Form when you sign-out of the room
    2. Do NOT renew the next semester (16-17) housing applications
    3. Submit a Dorm Deposit refund request via Banner Web
      (Student Link-Select Non-Returning then click Dorm Deposit Refund).
  6. Lock door to the room and SUBMIT KEYS to the Resident Assistant

Note:  Residents will also be billed for damages to the room, failure to clean the room, failure to return keys, or failure to check out with the Resident Assistant.

Check-out Deadline: Wednesday, May 10th at 4:00 p.m.

*PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT ANY RESIDENT MAY CHECK OUT BEFORE THE PUBLISHED DEADLINE BASED ON PERSONAL/PARENT SCHEDULES.  Exceptions for late stay past the deadline should sign up online at http://gordonstate.edu/housing/latedepartur