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Resident Assistant End-Of-Semester Self-Assessment

Resident Assistants are requested to complete one self-assessment each semester.

This self-assessment questionnaire is provided as a means of assessing your professional growth as a Resident Assistant at Gordon State College. The assessment of your professional effectiveness as a Resident Assistant should provide insight into those areas in which you’ve excelled and those areas in which you can improve. At the end total the number of times you have selected yes and the number of times you have selected no. Good Luck!

1. I know the names of residents on my floor and can greet them by name.

2. I know something personal (hobbies, hometown, interests, etc.) about people on my floor.

3. Given my knowledge of each student, I can suggest experiences in which he/she may wish to become involved.

4. I feel comfortable in talking with each person on the floor and consider myself a good listener.

5. Students feel comfortable in coming to me with personal problems.

6. Students feel comfortable in coming to me with academic questions.

7. I know where to refer those students who appear to need special guidance.

8. I feel comfortable in having academic conversations with students concerning current events, ideas, decisions to be made, etc.

9. I am available on the floor at times other than when I’m on duty.

10. I seek out individual students who do not approach me.

11. I eat meals with students on my floor on a regular basis.

12. The students on the floor trust me to keep personal matters confidential.

13. I am in the residence hall enough during the evening hours that I know students can study there.

14. I participate in campus cultural programs and social activities and encourage students to do likewise.

15. I attempt to identify students with leadership potential and encourage them to become involved in activities and leadership opportunities.

16. I am able to hold students responsible for rules and regulations.

17. I understand the College’s philosophy of discipline and understand my role in dealing with discipline.

18. I assume my responsibility of care and protection of my floor and its furnishings.

19. I am dependable and prompt in carrying out assignments, e.g., filling out forms, communicating with my R.D., providing information.

20. I communicate regularly and discreetly with other staff members and my R.D. regarding problems, differences, and accomplishments that pertain to my students, job, and staff unity.

21. I am eager to try out programming ideas which have been suggested by students, other staff, or myself.

22. I contribute in staff meetings and initiate communication without being asked for information.

23. I follow up on maintenance problems that I notice or that are reported.

24. I try to set an example by my attitude toward my academics.

25. I try to set an example by my attitude about myself (i.e., self-concept).

26. I adhere to College rules and regulations.

27. I look for the positive side of my job responsibilities.

28. I enjoy my work.

29. I try continually to learn more about my job and how I can be more effective.

30. I am aware of my personal limitations, strengths and weaknesses.

31. I receive suggestions and criticism without defensive feelings.

32. I am not hesitant to give other staff members constructive feedback or to discuss working relationship.

33. My superiors, co-workers, and students enjoy working with me.

34. I have confidence in myself.

35. I am tactful in my dealings with others.

36. I refrain from gossip, depreciation, or suspicion of others.

37. I make every effort to understand the entire situation before making a judgment.

38. I observe strictly a process of refraining from discussing students where there is a chance of other students hearing or sensing the conversation.