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Residence Life Programs

The typical college student spends 15-20 hours each week in the classroom, and between 80-100 hours in his or her residence. That's a lot of time! At Gordon State College, we consider that time to be a golden opportunity to expand our on-campus students' college experience through a variety of interactive programs.

In addition to the events planned by the Office of Student Activities, Resident Directors and Resident Assistants plan many activities during the week and on the weekends for the residence halls' student body.

Planning Committees within the Residence Halls:

Residence Hall Activity Team (RHAT) consists of residents in each building who meet with the Resident Director and Resident Assistants to brainstorm and plan desired events.
Residence Hall Safety and Maintenance Team (RHSMT) discusses concerns and conditions for a safer environment with the Resident Director and Resident Assistants.
Living Learning Connections (LLC) are made up of residents who live together on a floor and engage in unique learning opportunities based on the same educational goals.

Check here for our upcoming events!

Lander Loot-made simple!

Residence Life has partnered with SPSU in the use of an app for tracking Lander Loot events. Throughout the semester, Residence Life staff distributes "Lander Loot" to students exhibiting a helping hand, good manners, a positive attitude and other desirable traits of a concerned campus citizen. The new process makes it more convenient for students to monitor and track their Lander Loot earnings along with offering Residence Life staff an easier and more efficient means of processing program earnings. Any Lander Loot that has been previously earned in paper form can still be used but will not be entered on student's accounts. Check out the link below and look for upcoming events to earn your L$L!

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