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Why Cant I print these forms?

Sometimes these acrobat forms don't print well. The output may look completely blank (white sheet of paper) or about half the form is printed or the input fields are printed but the form part doesn't print.

Typically, there are two reasons for bad printing.

  • Older version of Adobe Acrobat. You need to upgrade Adobe Reader
  • Older printers can't handle the output

For the second typical reason (older printers), you can try and purchase more memory for your printer but that can be costly and might not even fix the problem. One easier alternative to try is to click on "my computer" and "printers" and then click on the printer that you use. From there, find the "RASTER" and "VECTOR" option. You will probably be defaulted on "VECTOR". Switch it to "RASTER" and then try to print a form. That change will usually help HP Laserjet 3s and 4s.